Interior Design: Scrumptious Reads

Jul 6, 2012
  • Article by Online Editor
  • Photography by Jon Linkins, James-Hung
  • Designer ACH (Atelier Chen Hung)

The brief for this fitout was to create an economical and robust design for a short-term lease on a retail space. The client sells books and products about food and drink, which became the starting point for the project.

The design concept was to create an artificial landscape using an everyday object: the paper cup. This utilitarian object has been used for a new, altogether different function, and serves as the structure for the space. The corrugated surface of the cups introduces a tactile, textural quality while their shape lends the display shelves and tables a curvilinear form.

Clusters of cups are suspended from the ceiling, creating organic ceiling-scape while diffusing existing harsh lights. On the floor, green contact stripes add playfulness and dynamic energy to the interior, guiding visitors to the different zones.

In total, 7800 paper cups were used to create the undulating landscape, keeping to a tight budget and allowing for a short, one-week installation.

Team Melody Chen, James Hung, Kevin Park and Yohei Omura

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