Interior Design: Mary Residence

Jun 15, 2010
  • Article by Online Editor
  • Photography by Shannon McGrath
  • Designer Matt Gibson Architecture Design

Rather than creating ‘two stylistic pavilions’, this Victorian terrace celebrates old and new as an orchestrated whole, connecting simultaneous differentiation and consistency in material, colour and detail. Colour is used as a unifying gesture, with simple darks and lights combined with naturally finished materials. The intended limitation and consistency in material and colour allows the interior and exterior to interact. Basalts, marbles, blackbutt timbers, off-white concrete and dark timber veneering appear throughout the interior.

In the front section of the terrace, feature elements including mirrors, chandeliers and feature wallpaper as artwork provide a visual connection to the decorative lacework and colouring of the Victorian exterior. At the back of the house, internal surfaces, colour and formal elements extend to the external spaces –– creating an integrated interior/exterior space. The project questions and encourages an architecture concerned with historical ‘story-telling’, celebrating both continuity and newness.

Team Matt Gibson, Erica Tsuda, Michael Newberg, Weian Lim

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