Interior Design: Kew Residence

Mar 22, 2010
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  • Photography by Open Studio
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  • Architect Open Studio

The essence of the brief for this project was to renovate a three-storey house, adapting the interior for contemporary use. The house, designed in 1967 by architects H. Sprintz and J. F. Burgess, is a beautiful example of modernist design with light filled interiors, spacious open-plan living areas and extensive glazing overlooking the surrounding landscape. However, the modern clarity of the original design had been lost after a series of incongruous alterations by previous owners.

While the basic program of the house has been retained, some elements have changed to allow for changes to contemporary living styles. Because working from home has become an important function, both of the clients required individual workspaces. Meanwhile the kitchen, which was previously an independent space, has been connected to the living areas. Instead of making the kitchen completely open, however, the design involved removing part of one wall to create a fluid space. All storage areas are located in a timber pod, acting as a core that opens the kitchen area to the landscape while concealing it from the living areas. The resulting spaces are intimate yet expansive, with unrestricted views through the house complemented by simple, clean finishes.

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