Interior Design: Grey Group

Aug 23, 2011
  • Article by Online Editor
  • Photography by Andrew Iser
  • Designer Artillery Interior Architecture

The brief for the fitout of this creative agency was to deliver a space that was ‘anything but grey’.

Relocating from their previous space – a completely ‘officed’ environment – to an open-plan interior creates a sense of team, while the co-located reception area, breakout space and meeting rooms create a buzz in the office. Technology is explored through a large rear-projection screen featuring real-time twitter feeds, while staff are able to stream their iPods across the office speakers.

A limited budget and short timeframe (6 week design process including client feedback/consultation) posed a challenge to the design team. Made up of creatives, the client was interested in the design process but was also willing to be guided. Even within the limited time frame, interesting activities were adopted to enable consultation and ownership of the design – including image response sessions and colour theory surveys.

Design features include open-plan spaces interrupted by whiteboards, and painted pods which also serve as meeting rooms and quiet rooms. Movable pinboards and blinds create private spaces within the open. A motif of idea bubbles has become a thread in the space. These appear not only in the planters and custom graphics on the blinds, but also in the acrylic trophy holders.

A welcome wall features the client’s slogan in neon, surrounded by photos of the company’s team members and their clients. The reception desk has been made from recycled printer drawers, an apt choice for this media company.

Team Alicia Marshal, Ian Piggott, Allan Hosking, Claudette Leeming, Sonja Duric

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