Jan 21, 2013
  • Article by Online Editor
  • Designer Tektum

Constructed almost entirely from renewable and recyclable materials, HOUSE2.0 is a sustainable dwelling, tailor-made and designed to fold up into the size of a standard ISO shipping container so it can be transported to any location in Australia by road, rail, or ship.

Centred on the creation of next-generation and holistically sustainable homes that are visually appealing, functional and affordable, the design of HOUSE2.0 incorporates environmentally sustainable features such as solar power and recycled rainwater. The houses may also be custom designed to suit the needs of the occupant or location, with the option to incorporate features such as light-cancelling materials for shift workers.

Once onsite, the house can be installed by semi-skilled labourers in just a few days, and can also be dismantled, refolded and relocated with minimal fuss. Each home also comes with fully installed plumbing and electricity systems so it can be quickly connected to utilities.

The first HOUSE2.0 was launched in July 2012 and is currently on display in Mackay, Queensland.

This cluster of homes will be the first in a national program to improve living standards for people with intellectual and mental challenges. The houses will be handed over in mid-2013 and further homes are under negotiation nationwide for a diverse range of private, corporate and institutional clients.

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10 Mar 13 at 12:33 PM • Julie Rowen

HI my name is Julie Rowen and I live in Mackay and would love to see this house in the “flesh” is there an address so i can seeit.

12 Mar 13 at 9:16 AM Online Editor

Hi Julie, you can get in touch with Tektum (contact info here: http://www.tektum.com.au/contact.htm) for further details on the project.


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