Hird Behan House

Apr 21, 2009
  • Article by Online Editor
  • Photography by Brett Boardman
  • Architect

A sustainably modest footprint was provided in response to meeting the brief and modest budget, while material selection was inventive to maximise the budget. Aircraft noise and traffic noise were ameliorated with double and thickened single glazed doors & windows, whilst meeting thermal comfort objectives in its southern orientation. Visual privacy was met with an overhanging roof, projecting timber wall and high courtyard wall, editing out overlooking from within and without. Flexibility was built in via a roof construction strategy to enable a future first floor addition to be built over the ground floor.

A considered arrangement of varying glazing types permits an expansion of the interior space enabling physical and visual connections with the established rear garden, while affording views of tree canopies and sky. A steel framed head profile wraps around the facades setting a datum for the long steel plate framed highlight window scribed into the existing house, providing a continuous ribbon of glazing tying the new work to the old.

Substantial work was also undertaken to the existing residence. The strategy was to invest the budget where it was absolutely necessary, thereby satisfying sustainability & conservation aspects to meeting the brief and allocating the budget wisely.

The client Glenn Behan who is also an interior designer, provided conceptual design for the kitchen based on the architects overall exterior, interior and original kitchen designs for the project and also provided design input for particular interior elements.

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