Guy Grey Institute of Contemporary Art

May 15, 2009
  • Article by Online Editor
  • Photography by Chris Geogehan
  • Architect Simon Pendal

Wolf Lane, Perth is a sinuous, predominantly red brick urban space located in the centre of Perth. The laneway is a place that can be stimulated by strategically siting a new civic institution to act as a focus for a layered, cross section of public engagement. The entire project is developed to stimulate increased social activity, local enterprise, and cultural infrastructure and thus a more diverse, vibrant urban setting within the Perth’s inner city laneways.
Brick is one the great durable materials. We have chosen to employ this inherent quality to create an appropriate and enduring architecture for the city. The enduring quality of brick provides a clear ecological and civic impetus to work with the longevity implicit in the architecture of the city. We have chosen to add to the ensemble of civic brick structures and considered urban rooms.
The entire structure uses light grey face brick with whict glazed vaulted brick ceilings. In working with Space and Light we are attempting to contribute to the group of poetic city moments; to create architecture of space and light that offers intrigue, depth, mystery and delight.

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