Fremantle House

May 15, 2009
  • Article by Online Editor
  • Architect Rebecca Angus

A 2 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom house with central living / dining and separate library room.

The site was loaded with possibility for two principle reasons. Firstly because it was so ordinary- a piece of flat land that used to be someone else’s backyard, secondly because of its dimension- 15 by 15 metres delivering an immediate intensity. Rather than simply reading this site as being ‘small’, we sought to pursue this along similar lines to that of the ancient enclosed garden, where the garden walls contained an inner realm of intensity and order. In these places architecture can be made so as to construct an entire inner world.

The house’s order is that of an internal courtyard. This ‘courtyard’ exists in the form of a centrally-located, plywood-clad major living room. This room acts to centre the house and all movement between its other discrete rooms. Upon leaving the main living room the occupant enters spaces we have termed ‘light corridors’ which scoop light both horizontally and vertically into the house’s centre. From these light corridors access to all the smaller discrete rooms is obtained.

Ultimately we sought to construct a quiet, compelling intense inner world through volume, material and light.

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