Foxground Farmhouse 1.jpg

Foxground Farmhouse

Nov 27, 2012
  • Article by Alex Roth
  • Photography by Murray Fredericks
  • Designer
  • Architect Alex Roth

Set in the south country of NSW, Foxground Farmhouse involved the incorporation and refurbishment of an old piggery and the addition of a substantial new building. The driving force behind this design was the desire to preserve the character of the existing buildings and to restore the Relationships between the collection of buildings on site while incorporating a substantial new building into the site.

The key to the success of the project was to create links and reinforce the spatial relationships on the site. The new building achieved this integration by linking all of the disparate buildings wrapping around the existing cottage and farm building and weaving new courtyards to suit our human scale. These new spaces now act as outdoor rooms, where previously they were vast and unrelated.

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