FLUID – Thematic pavilion, Yeosu Expo 2012, Korea

Oct 27, 2009
  • Article by Online Editor
  • Designer Antoine Damery

Peddle Thorp Architects’ submission for the international competition, thematic pavilion, Yeosu Expo 2012, Korea.

The pavilion is prototypical architecture, drawing from the multidisciplinary source of product design, urban planning and architecture & naval design. The pavilion is resolved as a floating exhibition space that can be sailed to other cities.

The concept aims to create a strong expression of the exhibition theme, ‘The Living Ocean and Coast’. Anchored to the coastline, the Pavilion illustrates the strong bond and interdependence of the ocean and the coastal eco system. The design sequesters the theoretical sciences and biology, taking contours from fluid dynamics and oceanic organisms.

Yeosu is an emerging young city that demands a radically new metaphor. This vessel can carry the metaphor of change, a positive message to future generations, offering a platform for people to collaborate and create, well after the world expo has concluded.

Ocean conservation at an international and regional scale will be given an iconic beacon with its extensive exhibition program, promoting the commitment and efforts of Korea in exploring environmental issues beyond the 2012 World Expo. ‘Fluid’ the amphibian pavilion will promote dialogue and encourage collaboration between Asia Pacific countries about the importance of the preservation of oceans and ecosystem.

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