District 3 Lasertag

Apr 18, 2013
  • Article by Online Editor
  • Photography by Andrew Worssam
  • Designer Giant Design Consultants

This post-apocolyptic, zombie-infested city that only superheroes can save is a laser tag arena that presented Giant with one of its most unusual and exciting challenges yet.

Positioned on the outer rim of Westfield Hornsby, the 1200m2 site gave the perfect blank shell from which to build the concept. The plan revolved around the centre-piece of a dodgem car track, and this become the focus of the city backdrop. Walls were installed and then randomly cut apart to create the mood of destruction, and burnt timber frames were built to house arcade games. Telegraph poles and cables lines,  metal fencing and chevron stripes help to reinforce the cityscape.

The laser tag arena is reached via a dramatic, long corridor with disorientating chevron stripes and flickering lights. This lead players into the briefing room, which is lit only from beneath by UV lights that are set in to stacked milk crates. The menacing, pre-game experience builds the anticipation of what is to come – this dark, moody and restricted setting leads in to an intense and surreal barrage to the senses that hits the players as they enter the world within the laser tag arena. Flourescent paint and UV light bring to life a set made up of MDF panels, plastic pipes and mesh.

With graphic reference material from ‘lots of video games’, a visual guide was set up for the graffiti artist who was flown in from the UK) which brought this ruined city to life.

The overall effect is a stunning experience for all who are brave enough to enter.

Design Team Trish Lopez, Designer; Danny Long, Designer; Ed Kenny, Director

Architectural perforated

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