Architecture: Woodgate Beach Amenities & Picnic Shelters

Apr 8, 2010
  • Article by Online Editor
  • Photography by Nathan Hildebrandt
  • Designer
  • Architect Fulton Trotter Architects

The shelters were commissioned by Isis Shire Council (now amalgamated into the Bundaberg Regional Council) to replace a 40 year old amenities bunker and BBQ shelters.

Two primary principles informed the building design. The first was to reduce the visual impact of the structure in order to take advantage of the spectacular location and the second was to improve visibility and safety through and around the building in accordance with CPTED principles. These objectives were achieved by separating various functional requirements into smaller built forms which provided clear and screened vistas through the building to the views beyond.

The design results in views to the water as one arrives in Woodgate, users are connected to the locale even when using the private areas. Beach showers, hand washing zones provide beach and water views; private showers maintain views into the Casuarina’s canopy. The elevated roof evokes memories of earlier beach shacks, assist with the transparency of the building and improve natural ventilation.

*Team* Architects: Paul Sekava, Nathan Hildebrandt

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