Architecture: P6 Pay Station, Sydney Olympic Park

Aug 2, 2010
  • Article by Online Editor
  • Photography by Nick Bowers
  • Designer
  • Architect Tony Caro Architecture

This bespoke utility building is located on a prominent site opposite Jacaranda Square, on the edge of the Sydney Olympic Park town centre. The functional brief was to provide an automated and occasionally staffed public pay station for the expansive P6 car park.

The conceptual strategy was to create a simple, dramatic form that integrated the brief requirements with a strong visual/sculptural presence.

This concept has been realised using an inverted ‘L-form’. The functional program is contained within the short leg of the ‘L’, while the long leg forms a cantilevered canopy providing a sheltered rest and waiting area. The cantilevered roof soars outwards to the street, dramatically announcing its existence and pulling the visitor towards the building. A layered moiré screen creates a filtered transparency, continually changing with differing light conditions.

The use of vivid colour, graphics and detail is intended to resonate with the sub-culture of customised car aesthetics, considered to be light-heartedly appropriate for the car park/racetrack/theme park context.

Despite its modest budget and size, P6 achieves both architectural presence and public benefit that demonstrate the value that can be achieved with a supportive client and the persistent technical realisation of careful design endeavour.

*Team* Architects: Tony Caro, Jason Fraser

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