Architecture: House 20

Sep 1, 2011
  • Article by Online Editor
  • Photography by Peter Bennetts
  • Designer
  • Architect Jolson

This contemporary residence features a meticulously detailed interior within a brave sculptural form. Brutal exterior surfaces and materials penetrate the interior, and become the foundations for luxurious fabrics and textiles, and contemporary furniture and lighting.

Inside the residence, vertical and horizontal volumes work with natural light and shadow to create a strong interior. Every surface has been considered as part of a total sequence and experience. Rooms merge into each other and are defined by layers not walls. Concrete structural blades allow the interior to open towards the north and maximise light penetration. The glazing is staggered between the blades to create pockets of habitable interior space that diffuse the transition from inside to outside.

The interior is disected by a three-storey void. The upper and lower floors are veiled by a knitted stainless steel mesh, which allows textured shadow to dance across walls and floors. The kitchen is a freestanding piece of furniture that divides the living spaces. In the basement, darker tones and ambient natural light work with polished black stone, raw steel, leather, knitted mesh and the slick body of water that is the indoor pool.

On the first floor, the bedrooms and study are a private retreat. A contrasting palette of light and dark furniture articulate her study from his, with two hidden blade walls that can delineate each space.

Team Stephen Jolson, Mat Wright, Andrew Prodromou, Abe McCarthy, Chloe Pockran, Sarah Wardlaw, Sue Carr, Jaclyn Lee

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