Architecture: Boronia shading structures and public lighting

Aug 9, 2010
  • Article by Online Editor
  • Photography by Sebastian Gollings
  • Designer
  • Architect

The shading structures and public lighting for Dorset Square and Cinema Lane in Boronia were inspired by the delicate petal geometry of the boronia flower, creating a unique signature identity for the local community.

The column and roof of each shade structure in Dorset Square is comprised of five tapering beams, each reaching out to their surroundings, creating a sense of lightness and motion along some of the key pedestrian areas.

The public lighting shades appear in Cinema Lane, jutting out from the existing buildings. They feature large, stainless steel boronia petals that curl around two weatherproof light fittings: the first illuminates the footpath below, while the second illuminates the inside of the light shade itself.

The stainless steel used for the shading structures and the public lighting incorporate a dynamic pattern of individual, laser-cut boronia flowers with outward curling petals. In the Dorset Square canopies, these forms allow the sunlight to filter through the roofs during the day, while dramatic uplighting produces a spectacular effect at night. In the Cinema Lane lights, the laser-cut petals reflect the sunlight and artificial light, adding movement and drama to the laneway.

*Team* Architects: Dirk Zimmermann, Dylan Brady, Mathew van Kooy

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