Architecture: Beach House at Edwards Point

Apr 4, 2011
  • Article by Online Editor
  • Photography by Trevor Mein
  • Designer
  • Architect studio101 architects

The Beach House at Edwards Point incorporates an extension and renovation to an existing single storey holiday home. Located within the significant wetlands of Edwards Point and adjacent to Swan Bay on the Bellarine Peninsula, the design concept reflects the owner’s desire for a sustainable, sensitive and delicate fusion of form and materials that would also nestle into the tree-lined coastal environment.

The completed project grasps the opportunity to sustainably reuse, recycle, rework and re-inhabit the existing holiday home, maintaining the sentimentality of the existing form and materials, while also providing a playful and exciting adaptation of the new programmatic requirements of a growing family. The design concept involved reworking the ground floor plan, peeling back the existing roof and sensitively grafting and floating a new timber-clad upper level with infill glazing incorporated to the north and south facades for a sense of lightness, views and transparency.

Internally, a new central storage spine horizontally separates and delineates the living zone from the bedrooms. The new timber-lined wet area pod vertically links the upper and lower floors, forming a new mezzanine for the parents’ retreat while also creating a thermal chimney effect allowing the rising hot air in summer to escape.

*Team* Architect: Peter Woolard

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