Architecture: Balmoral Residence

Aug 9, 2010
  • Article by Online Editor
  • Photography by Scott Burrows
  • Designer
  • Architect Kieron Gait Architects

The redevelopment of this tired, post-war residence aimed to build a relationship between a large backyard with distant views to the Gateway Bridge, and a high-set house that addresses the street.

The plan has been reorganised, in order to turn the focus of the house away from the street and focus on the garden. A series of decks forms a visual and physical threshold between the house and the garden. Contained under an enclosing roof, the space invites exploration and offers connections between the adjacent rooms, garden and views. Intimate and smaller areas of sub-enclosure are created within this space, dramatised by the sloping line of the roof. Levels are treated playfully, and the exaggeration of the edges invites engagement on a more intimate scale. Steps become seats, balustrades become tables. The openings and balustrades are carefully located to edit views of adjacent houses and allow the house to flow into the garden.

Internally, the house is treated as a simple volume. Light is encouraged into dark corners from both natural and artificial sources, while openings take advantage of both close and distant views, framing the mature landscapes of the adjacent properties.

*Team* Architect: Kieron Gait, Designer: Wei Shun Lee

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