Annandale Terrace 1

Jun 17, 2009
  • Article by Online Editor
  • Photography by Brett Boardman
  • Designer
  • Architect Carterwilliamson Architects

The site was heavily constrained: three-storey (nine metre) high walls to each shared side wall, with a two-storey (five metre) tall wall to the north, rear of the building.

Our strategy was to bring the joy of light and the outside into this heart of this building. To play with outdoor rooms and spaces that related to the important functioning of the house: like the courtyard off the kitchen area, the balcony off the dining room, the roof terrace off the living room, or the secret garden off the study. Some of these spaces are rooms in themselves, some more like balconies. Its the possibility of beyond that makes a room feel less constrained, more vital.

The stair was fundamental in linking the levels spatially. This also meant they linked outdoor spaces with indoor spaces by wonderful happen-chance connections between deliberate openings. The permeability of the walls of the stair makes all rooms feel closer together because you can see the destination, or light, as you move through the building. It also provides a logic to a complicated spatial arrangement that is not evident in the plans and section.

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