Alive – Taipei Performing Art Center

Apr 21, 2009
  • Article by Online Editor
  • Architect Peddle Thorp Architects

PTA Submission for the Taipei Performing Art Center International Competition

A fluid building which responds to its place / people in creating a new artistic paradigm. The building is alive, the centre piece of the rejuvenation of the cultural arts transcending age / gender / race / religion.

*Site Response*
Sited in the ancient riverbed of the Keelung River, the dynamic morphosis of the buildings form / skin reflects the fluidity of the forgotten river.

*Building Form*
Through ebbs / flows the building welcomes / accepts the movement of people / ideas. The skin reveals the frozen elements of cultural significance, glimpsing the many programmed theatres / retail / cultural precincts.

*Fabric Skin*
The building fabric is alive. The external façade is flexible responding to environmental / cultural / seasonal change. The composition of synthetic translucent rubber and fibre glass fabric ribbons stretch / dilate / contract to reveal / conceal the frozen form within.

*Environmental Design*
The alive skin allows environmental control of daylight / sunshade / ventilation / access / interaction. The form can adapt instantaneously to shape the environment of those within. It transcends form / time to adapt to an evolving cultural history.

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