Architecture: iLLUMS BOX

November 10, 2009

A sculptural tower built with timber pallets that fractures sunlight and becomes a lantern by night.

iLLUMS BOX was built for Sculpture by the Sea 2009.

Built entirely of plantation pine timber pallets, the box sits at the end of a stormwater drain on Tamarama Beach. During the day it is animated by sunlight that filters through its apertures into the spaces inside, changing the light quality as the sun moves across the sky. Shadows cast by the pallets change the box’s appearance on the outside. Two solar panels charge batteries which turn on lights at dusk, transforming the box into a lantern that intensifies through the night. Pallets made from newly cut timber immerse visitors with the soft raw smell of pine as they enter the box. It has proved to be a very popular piece – especially with children. All materials reused or recycled.

*Team* Architect: Mano Ponnambalam; Designer: Jenny Hien

["Sculpture by the Sea":] runs until 15 November 2009

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