Architecture: House H

November 2, 2009

This open addition to a house in WA forges a relationship between the landscape and the existing house.

The original house sat within a large, breathtaking landscape yet the interior was inward looking with minimal views of the garden, bush and vineyard beyond. The brief from the clients was to create a relationship between inhabitant, building and scene to allow contemplation of the landscape.

The extension is seen as a sculptural counterpoint to the existing low-slung rammed earth bedrooms and garage. Its undulating and sculptural form was a direct request by the clients who, over the past decade, have developed the 20 or so acres of manicured garden into a private sculpture park.

In building a new wing that extends toward the rise the house is situated on, the living areas have been reoriented north to maximise natural light and also allow views not previously available without walking outside.

An open kitchen, living and dining room was built with a smaller scaled sitting room and study located behind the service core of kitchen, pantry and powder room that divide the main volume.

Importantly, most of the existing house was re-used, reconfigured and a new stage of life for the clients and their wonderful site has been created.

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