Interior Design: Workshop Espresso

October 30, 2009

Giant Design Consultants recreate the traditional workshop space in a cafe located in the former stairwell of The Galleries Victoria.

Workshop Espresso sits in a former stairwell of The Galleries Victoria.

The concept was to create a unique environment, a retreat where coffee and its production is the hero, where baristas are intelligent and creative artisans. The environment is a stylised take on the traditional ‘workshop’, with visual references in its form and materials. We wanted to treat the space as if it had existed somewhere else, and had been slotted into the fabric of the new site – or had existed forever, with the rest of the city being built around it. As such, the adaptable concept can be re-planned to suit any site the client chooses to move to.

The detailing is simple and honest. Timber studs and trusses frame the space providing breaks in the black corrugated cladding and ceiling void. The trusses are shaped to draw attention to the coffee production, while helping to fake a grander sense of space in the small customer seating zone. A large blackbutt workbench houses the two coffee machines and refrigeration, with mini vices holding blackboard signage. Hessian panelling made with reclaimed coffee bean bags disquise ventillation points, and provide access to the equipment within.

*Team* Designers: Chris Wilks, Ed Kenny

DesignWall Practice


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