Architecture: House M

October 23, 2009

CODA play with the balance between public and private areas in a sensitive alteration to a Nedlands house.

The key task of this alteration was to increase the interaction between the interior and the exterior and open the kitchen from its landlocked position to one that related more closely to the living and dining spaces as well as the garden.

The existing house is beautiful – originally designed by architect Denis Silver as his own home, we felt it was an architectural gem. We sought a solution that would maintain the original intent of the house.

Through the new front wall and fireplace we have altered the conditions of private and public by creating a private courtyard within the zone more typically seen as the public outdoor space of a house.

By removing only a few internal walls and extending the decking, the kitchen, living and dining spaces relate more directly to one another. The kitchen has been relocated and provides both open plan access to the living spaces as well as more secluded ‘back of house’ areas.

Robust materials such as concrete block, eco-ply and recycled jarrah are teamed with laser cut steel in the external spaces. There is a new interplay of light and shadows through the combination of the foliage and laser cut filigree externally.

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