Surf Coast Shire Council

September 4, 2009

A concept for a glass-fronted council building that opens on to the landscape.

Suters was one of three firms invited to present designs for the proposed administration for Surf Coast Shire Council. Our vision for the project was to create a landmark precinct grounded in sustainability and community engagement. The precinct sought to sensitively reflect the aspiration of the Surf Coast shire and provide an architectural statement that celebrated the rural, coastal and emerging urban communities of the region. Suters identified significant opportunities to use the building as a catalyst for community engagement and a precinct-wide demonstration of sustainable design.

The key design considerations were to develop a building that was a localized response which resonated with the local community and addressed the local coastal landscape. The proposed project comprised two buildings. The first was dedicated as council offices, including council chambers. The second was a sports pavilion between two ovals, designed as an elongated form that sensitively mediates the ridgeline landscape of the site. The design utilized “natural” landscape character which reflected the indigenous landscape of the site, through organic and “non-formal” layouts.

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