UTS Broadway competition entry

August 27, 2009

CoLab, Suters’ entry for the UTS Broadway competition, was designed to be an interactive testing ground that would adapt to changing needs over its lifetime.

CoLab was Suters’ competition design for the new UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT Building. CoLab embodies the idea of accessibility and the exchange of information and advances in research and learning. The building itself is an interactive testing ground where elements can be developed and adapted over its lifetime. Viewed as a ‘Living Research and Learning Centre’, the building concept comprises a diverse range of flexible and adaptive spaces for changing research and learning agendas, social interaction and industry engagement.

Innovation and technology, internationalism and community, sustainability, industry engagement, and practice-oriented education and research have formed the parameters driving the design. The morphological program disperses functions in three dimensions throughout the building establishing a unique organisation of learning and break out, public and private spaces. Next generation learning environments provide spaces for people to interact face to face and virtually. Public data caves form entrances that offer kaleidoscopic reflections of ever-changing research realities.

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