One Central Park Penthouse, Sydney

August 5, 2014

A neutral colour palette and coordinated textures capitalise on the iconic building’s vast city views.

Architect: Jean Nouvel / PTW
Furnished by: D’Cruz Design Group in association with Fanuli Furniture
Developer: Frasers Property and Sekisui House

Set within the context of an iconic architectural masterpiece, this exhibition apartment is a collection of International and Australian brand furniture and furnishings.

One Central Park Kitchen

Playfully mixed within are repurposed accessories (books, shoe moulds, phone, typewriter, milk bottles etc.), which provoke references to a past life and draw parallel to the historic nature of the development site and its recent urban renewal (One Central Park – Chippendale, formerly the Carlton United Brewery).

One Central Park Dining

The palette is intentionally neutral, drawing focus on the views beyond the apartment. Sheep and reindeer hide (sourced as a bi-product) with linen, wool and leather adorn furniture pieces and provide a tactile quality to the decorative aesthetic – rich in texture, yet natural and neutral in execution.

One Central Park View

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