BENT fork by De Simone Design

July 30, 2014

A fully operational kitchen has been packed into a tight space to maximise storage, seating and flow in this hottest new cafe located in Freshwater.

Project: BENT fork, NSW
Architect: De Simone Design

A very tight budget, time constraints and a vision to bring amazing food using organic and local ingredients dictated much of the collaborative design process for BENT fork. The branding and concept needed to convey an offering that was not typical to the area, very unpretentious, relaxed and a little eccentric.

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Raw and off-the-shelf materials such as steel angles, steel mesh, recycled timber and recycled steel were used for storage and joinery items including the open gantry shelves for the kitchen and coffee bar. The use of angles on the bar and gantry shelves mimics the quirkiness of the BENT fork identity.

bENT fORK_10

bENT fORK_11

bENT fORK_13

The tight budget fuelled much collaboration and do-it-yourself craftsmanship on the part of the owner who, under our creative direction, created the feature lighting including the steel grater pendants, a coffee bar pendant made from a bunch of whisks and the giant forkball pendants.

bENT fORK_19

bENT fORK_22

bENT fORK_24

As funds began to dry up, recycled furniture and re-claimed joinery items were quickly salvaged. The storage requirements versus the lack of space on site meant that storage had to be integrated into the dining space as much as possible and of course also be accessible. After much discussion and spatial planning, a fully operational open kitchen was successfully realised within a limiting space.

bENT fORK_25

bENT fORK_28

bENT fORK_30

bENT fORK_33

bENT fORK_45

bENT fORK_48

bENT fORK_49

  • Robert Foster August 5th, 2014 9:55 am

    Tragic piece of opportunism, such a disappointment for a supposed renowned Australian designer. You would think that her imagination could extend a bit further than this!

  • Joy De Haan August 7th, 2014 7:10 pm

    Considering the budget constraints and size of the space I think this is a great example of ingenuity and clever design. I’d love to know the budget this was done on. It was packed at lunch last weekend! Nice work.

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