Mira Moon

October 14, 2013

Inspired by the Chinese moon festival legend of Chang’er and the jade rabbit, Hong Kong’s 91-room Mira Moon hotel is due to open in November 2013

Due to open in November 2013, Mira Moon is the sister hotel of The Mira Hong Kong. Inspired by the Chinese moon festival legend of Chang’er and the jade rabbit, the 91-room hotel was conceived under the creative direction of Wanders & yoo, led by innovative Dutch designer Marcel Wanders. Together, they have created a hotel that shows off Chinese modernism through clever use of Chinese motifs and handicrafts, while offering a modern take on the Moon Festival fable.

Meaningful Chinese motifs and icons are cleverly incorporated and appear subtly throughout. The peony, also known as the king of flowers in Chinese art, is one of the main design inspirations behind the furnishings. The moon and jade rabbit are also stylised decorative motifs at the end of every corridor. From bespoke carpets and handcrafted columns, to glazed ceramics and glass shards, traditional exquisite Chinese craftsmanship is showcased throughout the hotel. Other elements of the fairytale can be seen in the hotel’s lobby, where three pendulous moon-shaped Chinese lanterns hang above an intricately tiled floor, representing each of the key characters which can be seen at various times throughout the lunar calendar: the Moon Goddess once a year, the Rabbit once a week and the Moon once a month.

The hotel’s main colour scheme is a bold surge of lacquered whites and rich China reds while its playful secondary colour palette in shades of avocado, carrot and coffee mirrors the vibrant surrounding neighbourhood. Inside the 91 rooms – dubbed Half Moon, Full Moon and New Moon – are handcrafted furnishings offset by smart technological solutions. They include an Air Play music system and pre-installed apps on the iPad mini to access hotel services and the city’s latest hotspots. The minibar has shake-it-yourself cocktail recipes and room amenity packs come in violet and tabak scents.

Female guests also get special treatment on dedicated ladies-only floors. From beauty items such as perfumed talcum powder and creams, curling irons and facial steamers to emergency fixes like heels, leggings and fashion tapes, ladies get pampered to the hilt with an extensive and thoughtful array of products. Designed by international property design brand Wanders & yoo, the hotel’s 50-seat restaurant Super Giant serves Chinese-Spanish fusion tapas in an eclectic setting. The astronomy, moon goddess and jade rabbit theme continues between the hotel and restaurant.

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