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Blue Cave White Nest

September 27, 2013

In this apartment in Melbourne’s CBD, Katsieris Origami creates an interior setting that offers privacy and retreat in the form of two sculptural insertions.

Ensconced within the busy urban setting of Melbourne’s CBD, this apartment explores how interior architecture might offer refuge from an accelerating virtual world by providing the ‘other’ place usually provided by natural settings and landscapes.

Two curvilinear elements have been inserted into the space, disrupting the rigid volume of the existing apartment and offering privacy and a space in which to retreat. Sitting at the centre of the apartment, the blue cave contains two bedrooms – each lit by a light scoop that draws light in from the surrounding space and facade windows. Two similarly curvaceous forms are embedded within the cabinetry, providing a reading niche and a bar area. Constructed around two small, existing windows, these white nests amplify the natural light. A small army of colourful mobile boxes provides further storage, seating functions and settings.

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