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Weatherboard House

April 19, 2013

FMD Architects designed a residential extension using the home’s existing weatherboard as a launching point to create a dynamic landscape of internal and external shadows around the property.

The brief for this project was to renovate and extend the existing weatherboard dwelling to accommodate 4–5 bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and living areas to suit their current needs as well as potential future growth. FMD Architects’ client was sensitive to maintaining the current streetscape, but was also interested in extending their architectural knowledge and appreciation with the new extension.

The new additions extend the use of weatherboards as the principal cladding material. Conventional detailing is manipulated as the extension moves away from the existing building. The weatherboards compress as they extend upwards along the sides of the building. The north façade stretches the weatherboards capacity to the limit as they weave themselves over the tapering façade, windows and pivoting canopies. The forms and material are inseparable as they sculpt themselves to follow the path of light and shade over the building. Louvered canopies pivot and envelope the façade to offer a dynamic landscape of shadows both internally and externally.

The use of the weatherboards allows an architectural response which both defers to the heritage of the building while offering contemporary expression of its current occupants.

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