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Kent Street Apartment

January 15, 2013

Using its underlying Art Deco style, contemporary interior design elements were introduced to this apartment, resulting in a ‘Modern Deco’ look and feel.

Designer: Andrea D’Cruz of D’Cruz Design Group (former director of RLD)
Photographer: Nicholas Watt

This apartment in its original state presented a confused language – its success relied heavily on the determination of elements that needed to be: 1) retained 2) disposed of 3) added. It was this process that showcased the subtleties of the underlying Art Deco style which went on to form the platform for the design. With the injection of contemporary design ideas relevant to a modern lifestyle, the style evolved into something that can be best described as ‘Modern Deco’.

Formal areas such as the living and dining room were adorned in materials of a luxurious nature. The use of silks, mohair, polished + aged metals, waxed leather, hides, European imported natural stone, and highly polished timbers were used as reinforcement to the formality of these spaces. The application of a variety of linens were selected for their tactile qualities in casual areas, appropriate for the relaxed use of the family room and study.

As a monochromatic palette, tonal variation played an important role in achieving the right contrast in order to maintain the desired level of visual interest. Textural variation from polished to tactile surfaces were considered for their appeal as well as effect on contact with light and reflective qualities. For an elevated dramatic effect, rich and deep ruby red features were utilised, with restrained and strategic application.

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