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Binnie House

August 9, 2012

Featuring a pared-back palette of natural materials, this interior by Chelsea Hing delivers elegant and refined luxury.

Richard Kerr’s mix of sinuous wall curves with hard concrete forms set strong guiding principles for the interior of this house.

Inside, the design explores the idea of an interior that is visually interesting and engaging, created using only a very limited mix of natural materials. The home features a pared-back palette that is essentially colourless, relying on grand gestures of contrasting light and dark finishes to add drama.

The client asked for an elegant, refined and sophisticated version of luxury. Reflective mirrors, atmospheric lighting and softening elements such as billowing curtains tie in seamlessly with deftly resolved complex joinery to create what appears to be simple solutions. The design process for this house was an exercise in the maxim: “simplicity is complexity resolved”.

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