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Architecture: BVN Sydney Studio

June 27, 2011

BVN Architecture’s own studio in Sydney embraces the raw and robust structure of the base building, with exposed columns and services adding grain to the interior.

The BVN Sydney studio is a simple reworking of a typical 1970s commercial office floor. The project is a daring move to create an interior working space using only the bones of a high-rise concrete building.

It is becoming increasingly accepted that the workspaces that are most conducive to productive activity are those that are open and transparent, with plenty of formal and informal meeting spaces and shared facilities including cafes and libraries. However, these are simply parts of a whole – it is the ways in which these spaces are put together that ultimately determine the atmosphere of a workplace.

This studio space, located within the Sydney Hilton Hotel complex, faces the constraints of a 1970s floor plate, with a forest of supporting columns. By removing the cladding from the columns, their size has been significantly reduced. These unadorned columns, complete with builders’ penciled notes, add an authentic level of ‘found’ detail to the space.

The ceiling grid and tiles have been removed to reveal all the services, while new cable trays were inserted to carry computer and lighting cables (a bit like a large race-track) around the whole ceiling. Industrial elements including galvanised hollow scaffolding columns are used to take computer and power cables down to work stations. The removal of all extraneous finishes expose the raw and robust structure, creating a functional working studio.

*Team* Project Principals: James Grose, Bill Dowzer, Abbie Galvin; Project Director: Todd Hammond; Architect: Susanne Mayer, Brian Clohessy; Interior Architect: Alexander Suen; Interior Designer: Judy Lee, Aaron Vumbaca, Bill McNaughton, Thomas Butler, Olivia Giangrasso

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