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Un-built: Respite Centre, Birrong

June 17, 2011

Allen Jack+Cottier’s pro-bono concept design for a new respite centre for the Australian Council of Women Affairs, located in Western Sydney.

This inspiring new state-of-the-art respite centre in Birrong, Western Sydney, has been designed pro-bono by AJ+C for the Australian Council of Women Affairs (ACWA). The new My Home Respite Centre will replace the client’s current accommodation and provide much needed specialist facilities for people aged 16 to 65 with intellectual and/or physical disabilities.

“We are the only Muslim Centre in Sydney that cares for the intellectually disabled. We are ideally suited to deal with Muslim families (regardless of ethnicity), however we are committed to helping everyone regardless of religion, race or creed,” says Maha Hafez, Centre Co-ordinator.

A team of young AJ+C architects, lead by Jane Johnson, Director of Architecture, committed themselves to working in their spare time to design the new centre, and spent over 250 hours taking the project from concept to final design development stage. In November 2010, the completed drawings, presentation and model were handed over to the ACWA.

The design is, in Maha Hafez’s words, “a wonderful, innovative, stylish and resourceful centre” that will serve all the needs of the ACWA, and also provide rental income from leasing facilities to other members of the community.

*Team* Jane Johnson, Tri Setyani, Julien Van Den Berg, Karlita Lam, Olivia Gibbeson

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