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Architecture: Architext pop-up bookstore

May 13, 2011

HAW and Paul Coffey Architect create a temporary fitout inspired by typography for the Architext bookstore at the 2011 AIA Conference.

This re-usable temporary store for bookshop Architext was commissioned to coincide with DesignEx and the 2011 AIA National Architecture Conference in Melbourne. Designed and built by Harrison & White (HAW) and Paul Coffey Architect, the initial concept was to embrace the ‘text’ in ‘Architext’ and make a big word – to spell out the name of the shop as the shop itself. The nine letters are arranged in plan using standard 1200-wide sheets of CD plywood as the module. Each letter is different (with the exception of the two Ts), with each letter becoming a piece of joinery, providing shelving and flat displays for books on sale during the events. The gesture is readable at eye level, but is most visible from above. This suited the high event space of the Melbourne Convention Centre, with its elevated circulation route.

25mm plywood was chosen as the construction material for its ability to stand unsupported and hold fixings into its edge. The entire project was screw-fixed and was assembled off-site before being re-assembled on-site. Once disassembled, the individual pieces are stored flat. Each piece was given a unique identifier sticker to assist assembly and re-assembly in the future. The setting at the Institute’s conference lead to the name ‘The Architext’s Architext’, an adaptation of the adage ‘the architect’s architect’, often heard at such events.

*Team Harrison & White Architects with Paul Coffey Architect

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