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Interior Design: Outpost Dining Room

April 27, 2011

HASSELL’s small dining space tucked into Melbourne’s Yarra Lane features a simple fitout that matches the home-style dishes on the menu.

Outpost Dining Room is an unabashed celebration of the food experience driven by the chef and owner’s desire to serve fresh ingredients in a simple way.

Designed with a simple aesthetic in mind, the restaurant offers home-style dishes as a communal dining experience. ??Working with the chef, we understood the value of craftsmanship and authentic, fresh ingredients to the success of the Dining Room.

In keeping with the importance of that authenticity, we extended our research and design concept to explore pre-industrial decorative arts and craftsmanship. ??A large number of found objects sourced locally in Melbourne were introduced to the design, including a recycled shopfront, door handles, an ice sink and some artwork.?? The finished space is a sophisticated balance of textures and characters that distinguishes itself from its context at the base of a contemporary tower.

*Team* Designers: Rebecca Trenorden, Scott Walker, Jennifer Lowe

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