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Architecture: South Yarra House

March 9, 2011

Saaj Design’s residence in South Yarra features fluid organic spaces, connected by a ribbon-like curving staircase.

The design strategy for the South Yarra House was to locate the main living spaces on the first floor, maximising views and allowing natural light into the space. The first floor cantilevers out above the ground floor, which contains the bedroom areas. Beneath the house, a large garage houses up to nine cars for extended family gatherings.

Fluid spaces and forms, some of which span all three levels, have been explored. A precariously balanced palette of natural and man-made materials has been used. Transitory spaces leading up to the living room include moments of surprise and discovery. The house has clear connections to the exterior, while also maintaining privacy for the residents.

*Team* Andrew Bartholomeusz, Sally Anderson, Claire Davy

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