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Architecture: Haines House

February 21, 2011

Christopher Polly’s latest residential project draws its form from the neighbouring dwelling, delicately integrating old and new in this Newtown project.

There were two formal strategies to the generation of the design for this residence in Newtown, Sydney.

The design is a clear response to place. The pitch of the roof is extrapolated from the roof of the adjacent dwelling, while in plan, the extension matches the adjoining house. On the unadjoined eastern edge of the site, an existing low roof level is extended as a long ‘working wall’ spine that accommodates the kitchen, storage and varying configurations of joinery. This wall extends beyond the plan of the house, accommodating a second toilet with basin.

To the front of the site, the original dwelling is retained. A centrally located bathroom enabled old and new fabric to stitch together in an alternating sequence of compression and expansion, wrapping a series of rooms from the narrow entrance hall and cellular three rooms to the front of the house before opening onto the new living room. A compressed scale shift and downward change in level with an almost secreted passage leads to the open dining, kitchen and secondary living space.

Team Architects: Christopher Polly

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