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Un-built: Grovesnor Road Residence

January 24, 2011

A new addition to a suburban home in Perth, this project creates open living spaces around a double height courtyard.

This project retains the existing house to the street, with the new work ‘attached’ to the rear with ROW accommodating car access.

The new entrance to the house from Grosvenor Road is up the eastern side of existing house, separating the old and new and reconfiguring the approach to each section of the house. The new work sits a little uncomfortably within the surburban framework and indentations in the plan appear. The core of the house is the double height north facing courtyard. The surrounding spaces feed this area on both levels, in a space where climate is allowed to participate and blur the internal and external.

The internal living and kitchen spaces are design to open up to Perth’s moderate climate all year round.

*Team* Architect: Paul Wakelam

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