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Architecture: S House

November 30, 2010

A family residence on a deep, narrow Sydney site that uses natural light and a circulation spine to connect a series of distinct rooms.

S House is a family house, designed for a family of adults (children in their 30s and parents in their 60s).

Located at the heart of Sydney on a deep, narrow site, the design prioritises access to natural light. The program started from an evaluation of the notion of family for this particular client: individuality and independence were essential Rooms are expressed as boxes floating within the volume of the main house, and are considered as the base unit of the dwelling. Vertical circulation routes within the house become something that defines yet connects the rooms. The circulation spine also opens up the house, inviting natural light into the deepest parts of the house and enhancing the experience of movement between rooms.

Natural light, together with vertical circulation, offers a polite yet pleasant distance between the rooms, offering individual family members privacy and connectivity all at once.

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