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Concrete Colony

February 22, 2012

Archrival creates a site specific installation with sculptural furniture pieces wrapped in concrete canvas as part of the Sydney Festival 2012.

Concrete Colony, a project by Archrival, was a site specific installation for the Keystone Festival Bar during the Sydney Festival 2012. Using an innovative concrete fabric material, concrete canvas, the installation formed a composition of 10 adapted furniture pieces that had been wrapped, cloaked and draped with concrete fabric.

The Hyde Park Barracks is a UNESCO world heritage listed site, and these evocative objects are both functional and sculptural additions to the festival bar, sited beneath an historic tree in the former convict barracks site. The organic forms of the installation are derived from the excellent drape characteristics of the material, and contrast with the formal architecture of the barracks whilst offering guests a playful corner filled with tactile furniture to relax in.

Manifested in this work is Archrival’s foremost aim to create collaborative projects between skilled design professionals. Archrival held workshops over a five-day period and the invited team were asked to bring a recycled chair ‘relic’ than could be used as formwork for the concrete fabric. The material is cumbersome and, at times, intimidating, so each participant saw immediately the value in working together on each piece. Gradually a communal notion of authorship developed for the installation, which culminated in all participants working together to curate the pieces on site at the Hyde Park Barracks.

This collaboration is as integral to Concrete Colony as it is to Archrival’s practice. Archrival will continue to use this methodology to create their work for the 2012 Venice International Architecture Biennale.

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