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Interior Design: Ortiga

September 29, 2010

Donovan Hill’s design for a Brisbane tapas restaurant uses simple features and domestic elements to focus on the customer’s experience.

Ortiga is a tapas restaurant/bar located on the edge of the Valley Entertainment precinct.?? The bar is adjacent to the street as is typical of a tapas restaurant; the immediacy of the bar eases the transition from the street.

Once inside, the ground floor accommodates three different spaces: compact front bar, casual tables for smaller groups, and a raised platform for larger groups or private functions.?? Each area orbits the central service point. A large dolomite table makes an informal boundary on the movement side. In place of a typical bar, domestic elements like the table trigger associated responses and encourage congenial interactions between staff and customers.??

Particular attention has been given to the experiential journey of the patron, rather than a focus on feature elements. Materials, furniture and light fittings have been selected from a simple pallet which, when combined, create an effect which is not too ‘designer’.?? Deeper in the sequence, the atmosphere becomes more serious. Long, low dolomite tables become apparent, in this case acting as a servery and food preparation area. The approachability of the tables, coupled with the illuminated brick wall behind the kitchen, amplifies the dramatic effect of a dining area and kitchen in such close proximity.

*Team* Design Architects: Timothy Hill, Greg Lamb, Michael Hogg; Additional Project Team: James Davidson, Jacque Galloway, James Du Plessis, Phil Hindmarsh, Christina Cho

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