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Un-built: Cable 8

August 6, 2010

A concept design from Black Line One X Architecture Studio, inspired by the traditional ‘hutong’ laneways in China.

The concept for this project is based on the idea of the traditional Chinese ‘hutong’. These in-between ‘laneway’ spaces predominantly run in an east-west direction, containing much of the suburban life of Beijing. Over time, and due to the accelerated development of the city of Beijing, these thin streets for entertainment and socialising have become increasingly lost, or are found in what is now a constant state of decay and/or demolition.

Within this concept, we have endeavoured to use the ‘hutong’ as a means of historically linking the Cable 8 site in Beijing back to the centre of the city. The exploration into this proposal gave us the idea of inserting five main strips, placed in between the existing buildings. Each one of these elements contains its own life and form of public/private relationship to the existing site and its broader community context. This is seen as a way to reactivate,
revitalise and better utilise the current and future direction of the site.

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