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Interior Design: Spiedo

November 23, 2011

Designed by SJB Interiors, the interior of Spiedo is inspired by the north Italian menu – bringing elements of the outdoors into the restaurant.

The concept for Spiedo was first inspired by chef Alessandro Pavoni’s menu, which features a main menu and a ‘stuzzo’ menu for lighter grazing. It seemed natural to design a restaurant with different spaces to reflect this, which lead us to explore ideas of inside and outside spaces.

A mature fig tree is the central element of the stuzzi bar – a simple element to bring in a sense of the outdoor. Working with landscape designer Myles Baldwin, the tree was sourced from a Byron Bay farm and spent a month in a shed acclimatising to artificial light before travelling by truck to Sydney – where it was delicately manoeuvred into place. In a few months’ time, an open glazed roof above will draw natural light into the space, giving it a fresher atmosphere.

Alessandro and Jeremy from Spiedo were keen to create a restaurant with an outward-looking experience, which they wanted to tie in with some more intimate spaces. A series of rectangular pavilions are angled to align with the curves of the tenancy and form the kitchen and bar area at the centre of the interior. Ceilings have been transitioned to form a series of veranda-like dining spaces, which then lead out to the glazed atrium roof alongside the tenancy. Humble finishes such as messmate and terracotta tiles make subtle reference to the Lombardy region.

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