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Un-built: The Melbourne Wall

November 16, 2011

In response to the ‘occupy Melbourne’ protests, Godsell & Corrigan propose a city wall – with solar-powered electric fences – to protect the city’s hipster suburbs.

In response to the growing civil unrest sparked by the ‘Occupy Melbourne’ demonstrations, Godsell & Corrigan have been engaged by local government to design a wall that will ensure ongoing peace in the City of Melbourne. In these uncertain economic times and in the wake of the Jasmine Revolution, we feel a new kind of wall is required – a wall that not only divides, but one that inspires the city’s disenfranchised.

Indeed, the new Melbourne Wall will be a beautiful instrument of division within the urban landscape. Drawing influence from the masters of German Brick Expressionism, the Wall employs a decorative Flemish Bond to bring texture and life to the greyest corners of Melbourne.

Distinguishing itself from the relentless, precast concrete wall which divided Melbourne from 1931-1956, the new wall employs electrically charged razor wire as a decorative element, completing the sensitive composition of duotone brickwork.

Surrounding the wall, a 200 meter wide ‘dead-man zone’ will be abundantly planted with native Australian grasses, providing habitat for local fauna. Finally, in keeping with the City of Melbourne’s Eco-city Sustainability Campaign, it is proposed that all electric fences will be fully solar-powered and energy efficient.

Team Patricia Corrigan & Frank Godsell

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