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Un-built: Woonona House Studio

November 7, 2011

Christopher Polly’s proposal for a house and studio space in coastal NSW embraces the farmhouse typology prevalent in the area during the nineteenth century.

The proposal is a new house and studio spaces for an artist couple on a substantial yet narrow property in the NSW south coast town of Woonona. The concept draws upon the typology of farmhouses that were prevalent in the area during early 19th century settlement of this coastal town, embracing utilitarian qualities in construction methods and materials.

The project comprises a modest 103sqm rectangular footprint that is organised into simply demarcated public and private zones within a modestly scaled saw-tooth roof form arrangement. Lightweight steel portals frame the southern private zone accommodating the bathroom, laundry and flexible bedroom and music spaces, responding in setback and roof pitch to established adjacent development in the public domain of the street, while large steel portals frame the northern public zone accommodating living, dining, kitchen and art spaces arranged within an unobstructed open shell volume.

The concept entails ideas of prefabricated, prefinished, or simply finished materials – corrugated zincalume cladding and roofing, anodised aluminium framed windows and doors, plywood wall linings, plywood framed and lined kitchen and storage units, fibre cement and plasterboard sheeting and a concrete slab providing a heat sink.

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