Interior Design: Monkey Magic

February 1, 2010

Archstallation’s restaurant interior blends eastern tones and textures with a modern, industrial aesthetic.

Combining traditional oriental tones and textures with modern design techniques, this design creates a warm, inviting atmosphere for a fusion restaurant. The interior has a multi-tiered Japanese-style layout with street-side lounge and upstairs bar, dining area and open kitchen. Connecting the different spaces is a towering tree sculpture made from plantation tree trunks.

Using earthy colours, the design features sandblasted brickwork, stained timber flooring and exposed industrial ducting, blending rustic and industrial elements. The kitchen wall features a laser-cut rusted steel artwork, created by contemporary artist Kyoshi. Downstairs, a seamless black Pandomo floor and rendered plaster walls echo a sophisticated New York style bar.

Custom-designed ‘up and down’ lights dance around the skirtings of the bar and the edges of the restaurant, revealing the textures of the materials, while downstairs, embedded lamps dramatically light the tree sculpture.

DesignWall Practice


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