Interior Design: Thomas Dux Grocer

January 11, 2010

A foodstore design inspired by the vibrant atmosphere and experience of the market.

Thomas Dux Grocer is a new format store that delivers fresh food and variety, appealing to the “foodie” in us all. Rich colours, lighting and graphics evoke a market atmosphere, celebrating the experience of buying food.

The client’s vision is to roll out a number of stores, maintaining a consistent approach in each store but with the ability to create an individual identity in each location. With 11 stores now open, each store puts fresh produce at centre stage.

Open shopfronts spill onto the footpath engaging with passing pedestrian traffic, blurring the shopfront line. In each store lighting focuses on food, not functionality; shop fittings are platforms for merchandise, not aesthetic features; floors are functional and not focused on slick practicality. Visibility across the store is important, so that design does not impede functionality. Fixtures and fittings are spaced tighter than normal encouraging interaction without loss of convenience.

If you enjoy food, the ambiance of shopping is part of the experience, but “food” must remain the hero.

Team Designers: Denis O’Brien, Alison Kennedy, Scott Choi, Michael Kuo

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