Interior Design: CLUB SWANS

November 23, 2009

GroupGSA’s design for the Sydney Swans club house incorporates layers of interior space and striking outdoor rooms.

Sydney’s Premier AFL team club house in King’s Cross has been transformed into CLUB SWANS; a spectacular multi-faceted recreational, social and entertainment venue. The impressive project took two years to complete and has been recognised at the recent Bar Tender Magazine Bar Awards, winning The Bar of the Year Award in the category for Registered Clubs.

The upgrade and expansion of the club was completed in November 2007 and was designed to cater to the Club’s future needs. The design brief, as outlined by CEO of CLUB SWANS Doug Grand, emphasised that the design embrace the clubs history and create a “home” for the members and the locals, subtly blending with the brand of the Sydney Swans whilst providing a meeting place that would facilitate an outstanding experience for the visitor. “Our design ambition had been to create comfortable aesthetics to soften the clean lines of the club as well as introduce unique features such as spectacular double and triple height voids that interlock the club’s three levels of layered, eclectic interior space and concurrently merge with spectacular, sun drenched outdoor rooms,” he said.

*Team* Principal Architect: Mark Thebridge

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