“Beware of rushing into new areas to make up for lost business,” says Paul Conrad

Weather the storm by sticking to your current strategies and not rushing into new fields is Paul Conrad’s leadership advice to practices working through the coronavirus pandemic. In the second of our virtual fireside chats with Australian architects and designers about leadership in the time of COVID-19, the principal of the eponymous Melbourne architectural and […]

Architects and designers make masks for post-coronavirus reality

Architects and designers around the world are responding to global mask shortages caused by the coronavirus outbreak by sharing the designs for DIY, 3D-printed and CNC-cut masks. The Federal Government has predicted lockdown measures will remain in place for another three weeks, but even after restrictions are eased, social distancing and masks are likely to […]

“As a leader, it’s all about creating a sense of certainty amid the uncertainty” says Kate Challis

Australian studio and practice leaders are responding to the coronavirus pandemic in different ways. For Kate Challis, the focus is on providing certainty for her staff in an environment of unprecedented uncertainty. Last week, we chatted to a range of designers, architects, urban developers and furniture makers to see how they’re handling the current situation […]

The A+D community + coronavirus weekly update, 17 April

In this week’s A+D + coronavirus update, we share news of Australia pulling out of the Venice Biennale, a stack of international design grants and the world’s first virtual design festival. COVID-19 design innovation grants The International Design Awards and European Product Design Awards have introduced four special COVID-19 design innovation grants, inviting designers and innovators worldwide to […]

Watch our Working from Home video series, part 3

Part three of our Working from Home video series sees beautifully minimalist desks, ginger tabbies and world-first office reveals as architects, designers and creatives across Australia and the world continue to send love and share advice during the coronavirus outbreak. Last week, we heard from principal Adam Kane, interior designer Carole Whiting, Futurespace managing director […]

Woods Bagot designs adaptable apartment in response to WFH

Woods Bagot’s has designed AD-APT, a modular system showing how families and flatmates can adapt apartments to working from home. The firm designed the model after the en masse shift to working from home following the coronavirus outbreak exposed “the benefits (and challenges) to a far wider range of the population than ever before. “Once the […]

What to do if you’ve had projects cancelled or postponed

Postponed or cancelled projects are nothing new, but the government’s stop-work orders following the coronavirus outbreak has transformed what was a rare occurrence into an industry wide phenomena. We spoke to a handful of Australian designers and architects as well as an industry expert to get their strategies for dealing with postponed or cancelled projects. […]

Hassell to design WA wellness landscape

Hassell leads the design of Western Australia’s Murdoch Knowledge Health Precinct, a new healthcare hub with a visionary approach to health and wellness that pays heed to COVID-19. In charge of the architecture, interior design, and landscape masterplan, Hassell envisions the precinct as a wellness landscape, dedicated to treatment, mental health, education, aged care and […]

Australia pulls out of the 2020 Venice Biennale

Australia will no longer be presenting its exhibition at the 2020 Venice Biennale in August, citing the coronavirus outbreak as the reason for its decision. In a statement published yesterday, the Australian Institute of Architects cited concerns about the health of organisers. “The rapidly changing and escalating situation regarding COVID-19 has made it impossible for […]

Designers shouldn’t waste time “spinning their wheels” says Rob Mills

With the coronavirus outbreak causing cancelled or postponed projects, it can be tempting for designers to go into overdrive seeking out new business, but Rob Mills says that’s not the best use of your time. “I’ve been through three recessions, now this is the fourth, and I’ve looked back over those times and I realised […]

Watch our Working from Home video series, part 2

Part two of our Working from Home video series sees messages from book-filled offices and interruptions from furry friends, as we continue to hear from architects, designers and creatives across Australia and the world. In our first collection of videos, we heard from Alexander & CO. principal Jeremy Bull, The Stella Collective’s Hana Hakim, AB […]